The Truman Doctrine Of 1947

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The Truman Doctrine of 1947 was a United States policy and goal to stop Soviet expansion during the Cold War. President Harry S. Truman sworn to contain all of the communism in Europe and by doing so, he had stated that the U.S. was to support any nation with political, military and economic assistance if any of it’s stability was threatened by communism or the Soviet Union. Another goal of the Truman Doctrine was to fight for freedom from the communist threat and to accomplish the freedom of America’s people, but can only do so if the first goal was successful.
The Truman Doctrine had become the base and worry of the foreign policy. Truman had placed the U.S. in a role much like being the mediator between countries. Sending aid over to foreign countries was the best way to let the Soviets know, without force or aggression, that the U.S. will assist any country in order to prevent them from invading or taking over, and if that wasn’t enough proof as is, the U.S. would fight back and completely take over in assisting countries, forcing the Soviets away and demolishing their attack plan. President Truman had to take action in order to educate as well as persuade Americans of the Soviet threat, as well as the threat of communism overall.
Most conditions that were stated in the Truman Doctrine did not exactly show what would be the developing society of America. In 1947, the U.S. was a place of free institutions, representative government, and freedom of religion. The U.S. wasn’t a place that certain of individual liberties for everyone nor freedom from tyranny. Accomplishing the goal of freedom from the communist threat would