Benefits Of Education

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I joined the Navy in 2007 for many reasons. One of them was, educational benefits. The Navy allows each of its members over 90.000 dollars towards education once they serve honorably for a period of 4 years consecutively.
Our society nowadays is fast paced. Technology is available for almost everyone in the world. Education has dramatically changed since the 1990’s due to the Internet. This has prompted the implementations of new ways of education due to our busy schedules and technological improvements.
As a result of our fast pace society most of us are force to experiment with new ways of learning. The National Center for Education Statistics estimated that 37 percent of school districts had students taking technology-supported distance education courses during school year 2004–05 (Zandberg and Lewis 2008). Enrollments in these courses (which included two-way interactive video as well as Internet-based courses), were estimated at 506,950, a 60 percent increase over the estimate based on the previous survey for 2002-03 (Selzer and Lewis 2007).

Online studying is a new experience for me. I have although been able to analyze this method through my wife. She was the first one in my household to experience online college. Flexibility is perhaps the biggest of the benefits of not having to go to a campus at a certain time. It is also proven to be less costly, because we didn’t have to leave our 5 year old with anybody. Also since we didn’t have to go to a campus, there was