The West Side Of The USAerica

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The West Side of the U.S.

America expanded and grew to the West. This country changed due to this. It wouldn’t be the way it was if it wasn’t for several events. These events were the Comstock Lode, the creation the Transcontinental Railroad, the Cattle Kingdom and the Fort Laramie Treaty.

Mining became a huge business in the west when gold and silver were discovered in Nevada. It was called the Comstock Lode. After its discovery, it lured thousands of California miners from the Gold Rush to Nevada. People from all over the world came to work in the western mines. Since there were more people living in the area, boomtowns were created. After the mineral supply was gone, the town was abandoned and as a result, became a ghost town.

Westward expansion continues way into the west due to new land for settlers and ranchers, mineral resources, and businesses to support the settlers, ranchers, and miners. Thus, the Transcontinental Railroad was created and completed in 1869. This improved many people’s lives by providing better transportation for the people and goods. They also helped business. For instance, Western timber companies, miners, ranchers, and farmers shipped goods such as wood, metals, meat, and grain to the east. In exchange, business from the east would ship other manufactured goods back to the West.

Another area of growth was the cattle industry. After the Civil War ended, a growing economy & population produced a greater demand for beef in the east. Cattle ranching began to expand in the Midwest. From Texas to Canada, where several ranchers raised cattle, became known as the Cattle Kingdom. The cattle business became so successful because transportation was easier because of the