Theme Of Tragedy In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo’s tragic flaw is that he acts hastily too often. Acting hastily is when a person makes rushed decisions without thinking about them much. Romeo makes many irrational decisions throughout the play without thinking about the possible consequences. He acts with his heart and emotions rather than his head and is always making fast decisions. Three examples are when Romeo decided to marry Juliet, to kill Tybalt, and to kill himself. One example of Romeo acting irrationally is when he decided that he wanted to marry Juliet. This is a very rushed decision because they had only met that night at the ball before they decided that they were in love with each other and should get married. Romeo and Juliet should’ve waited to know each other a little more before decided to get married or that they loved each other. If they had waited, their story would’ve turned out very different, and maybe they would be still alive. …show more content…
The murdering of Tybalt, out of what Romeo thought was justice for Mercutio, caused Romeo to be exiled. If he had waited for the law to bring justice, he wouldn’t have been exiled. His exile caused many more problems for him and Juliet, which ultimately led to their deaths. If he hadn’t been exiled, then Juliet and Romeo would probably still be alive. A major example of Romeo acting hastily is when he decided to kill himself next to Juliet’s seemingly dead body. Romeo decides to poison himself a couple minutes before Juliet woke up. If Romeo had just waited a couple more minutes before killing himself, he and Juliet could’ve been together alive.
Romeo has made many decision throughout the play that has had major consequences. If Romeo had thought more rationally before deciding to marry Juliet, to kill Tybalt, and to commit suicide, then he could still be alive. Romeo’s tragic flaw was acting hastily, which led to, not only his death, but many other