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THEO 202-001

Statement of Topic The analysis of biblical data provides the best understanding of the nature, source and consequences of sin. Sin is any evil action or motive that is in opposition to God. Sin has very serious consequences when it comes to relationships between the sinner and God. Sin also has severe consequences that affect the individual sinner, causing the individual to have social implications. It is evident from both the Old Testament and the New Testament descriptions of sin, that sin is universal. Both testaments describe the extent and intensiveness of sin. Obtaining a contemporary view of the magnitude of sin incorporates a biblical perspective and the best
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The bible teaches us as Christians to rebuke sin. Jesus’ life repeatedly demonstrated the need for rebuking sin.
These are only a few way that secular psychologists disagree with the nature of sin and its consequences. The only hope for sinners is to learn that they have sinned and then turn to Jesus for forgiveness. Christians, who like Jesus, love sinners, will speak to them in love and show them where/how they sinned and help them turn away from it, be forgiven and receive true hope for the future.
Biblical Evaluation
Throughout the bible, there are plenty of biblical teachings referencing the extent and intensiveness of sin. It is evident from both the Old Testament and the New Testament descriptions that the extent of sin in universal. The metaphor located in the Old Testament book of Isaiah 53:6 presents a perfect demonstration of universal sin. This verse states, “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned-every one- to his own way…” Every human is born with sin; there is no exception. Both Testaments also further explain the intensiveness and depth of sin in all humans. As Millard J. Erickson states in the textbook Introducing Christian Doctrine, ”In every human being there is a strong inclination toward evil, an inclination with definite effects (p.205).” In this statement, Erickson is explaining that humans are born with a sin nature. Sin affects everyone; no man or woman can go without sin.
Old Testament Teachings