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The story begins with a boy who is playing in a little kids pool. His mother, who we are told has been trying to love him, but still can't seem to be able to, asks the little boy why he has such awful behaviour and sends him inside to get changed. Without saying a word he goes straight to see his robot teddy bear who speaks to him and helps guide him when he has to make a decision. The poor boy had always thought his mom didn't like him, they never talked or did anything together. So he tries to write her a letter to express his feelings but he never knows how to start it off. So one day, feeling like he doesn't belong in the house, he decides to run away with his teddy bear. Later on , the woman's husband returns home with his new creation, the synthetic serving man, which consists of a human like robot with synthetic flesh who acts just like a human. When he arrives, his wife, overjoyed, tells him that they've just one the parent lottery, meaning that they can now have a child. That is when we find out that their son David , was in fact simply just a robot to make mrs.swinton less lonely. This story demonstrates that no matter how real something fake seems, it is never the same feeling than if it were real. The little boy was only a creation by the woman's husband to make her less lonely, she might have been slightly happy , but deep inside she knew that it wasn't her child. She knew it wasn't a real person , it was more of a toy to her. When she was bored she would play with him until one day she got tired of her toy, that's when she started leaving the toy in its toy box. Which is the reason why the little boy David is unhappy. An overcrowded world is the ideal place in which to be lonely. An interesting quote which represents the woman in this story exactly. Mrs. Swinton is a lonely person, even though their society is going through an overpopulation crisis. She is described as an almost perfect woman, with her graceful body and beautiful thoughts. However she can't seem to be happy in a world filled with robotic humans , who are built to rid people