This I Believe Essay

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This I Believe

There has only ever been one thing I can truly say I have strongly believed in my entire life; the batman. Now, I’m not saying that I believe there’s a man running around a city wearing a batsuit defeating super villains on a daily basis, but that someone, as long as they put everything they have into life, can be a hero.
Batman was everywhere when I was growing up. He was on my notebooks, my toothbrush, my pajama pants.. I even had a batman costume (cape included) that I wore absolutely everywhere. I spent hours every day running around and pretending I was fighting the villains I saw Batman fight on TV the night before. My dad even took me on crime fighting sprees in the backyard. I firmly believed that I would be one of two things when I grew up; batman or a cat.. but the cat story is something I’ll save for another day.
I got made fun of in school because I wasn’t like all of the other girls who had Barbie dolls instead of action figures. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize how much Batman has influenced my life. Batman gave me courage when I got picked on at school. He taught me about compassion, and how to pick myself up after falling. He showed me that anyone can be a hero as long as you make choices for the right reasons. Being an outcast was never a concern of mine because I knew that even though I didn’t have a lot of friends, I could still be a hero to someone like Batman is to Gotham.
I believe that everyone is given opportunity to be a hero every day. While we may not have superhuman abilities or eight years of training with the League of Shadows, we can still make differences by learning to be compassionate,