This I Believe Presentation Essay

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EDGE 120
'This I Believe' Presentation

Headline: Passion is the way to success

some points I want to speak about:

Things you want to do and things you have to do
Responsibility and Privileges
Be passionated

I think especially sportsmen will now what I am talking about, when I say that I spend the most time of my life with my sports. Either on the field, practicing or for a game, in front of a TV watching games or shows about soccer or even talking to friends and family about it. Sports tells a lot of stories, it takes a lot of time and probably talent to reach what you want to reach if you want to make something bigger out of it. But at the and all that what you do is passion.

Sports is not just connected with competition, it is even connected with stories and even more people speak about what happened than taking part in the action itself. And it doesn't matter who you ask about their stories or their believes, everyone would tell you a different story. I will tell you about my story.

Since I can walk I started kicking soccer balls and I started very early playing in club soccer. I never took a break in the competition which means I never stopped playing in club teams. Is this just randomly, did I not find something better to do, or did my parents tell me to do so? No, the reason is a different one. I did this, because I was passionated and I did this because I love this sport. And I believe - The more passion you have in doing something, the more opportunities you will find to reach the target.

The older you get, the more you have to think about your responsibilities. You lose a lot of your freetime in doing schoolwork for example. A lot of my old teammates stopped playing soccer, even if it was their…