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In this scenario, you will find information that I had chosen to give a presentation on children with autism. You will also find an explanation of how I was unable to give a live presentation but did the outline for the presentation as well as I did do the presentation slides. In addition, I had tried to tell how I could improve for future presentations. However, you are able to see a checklist of the ways that I would believe that I would need to prepare for in future presentations. You will also see an analysis of my outline. You will find a answer as to weather I was able to move or to sway the audience.

It is sad to say that one in every eighty-eight children will be born with autism. However, autism is a brain disorder. Not all children with autism will be treated for it. A child can be diagnosed with autism at an early age such as around two years old.
Your Choice of topic, purpose, and intended audience I had chosen to do my topic on Autism. The purpose is for the children with autism that are deprived of socialization. The children will never be able to understand nor will they be able to learn to use the human tools. The children with autism will they will never be able to learn to play with other children. The child of autism might not be in total isolation however, they will still have some isolation. A child that has autism, the isolation will come from the outside. The intended audience would be for the community programs, a spectrum of choice for the professionals working with the individuals with autism.
Your research sources
The research for my sources were a little difficult, it was either that or I was just being picky on what I was looking for. My resources are from the AIU library. The first article that I read was Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA (2008). Youngsters’ Mental Health and Psychosocial Problems: What are the Data? the second one was Pullen, L, PhD, (2009). Supporting Parents: The Key to Effective Autism Therapy and then the third research source was Phetrasuwan S., and Miles S., M, 2012 AIU Online Library

The flow of your outline When I was doing the flow of the outline, I kept changing my mind as to what I was wanting to be doing. There was so much articles with information in them. However, I do feel that the flow of the outline had gone well. I had based my outline on questions I wanted to know about autism. As I was doing my outline I was testing my friend to give her some information, such as when I had taken a class to be able to take care of Christopher it was a ratio of every one child out of 100 would be diagnosed in a child but now we found out that it is one in every eighty-eight children will be diagnosed with autism.
The appropriateness and effectiveness of your visual aids I believe that the appropriateness and the effectiveness of my visual aids had fit the purpose of the presentation. The green background was because my friend’s mother had given me a green wristband that said autism, it was to support autism, but when I had gone back to put pictures on my presentation I realized that the wristbands had been change to blue however I decided to leave the background green. The pictures are of Christopher who has autism and the one picture was of his mother for the mothers slide.
The effectiveness of your presentation (Did you get the message across? Was the audience moved or swayed by your conclusion?) I am not sure if I would have been able to get the message across or not, I was aiming for that point because autism is a serious matter. People really do not understand what autism is. When my friend and I would take her son out in public, they would stare at us at first I thought it
was because she was black and so is her son and that I was white and so is the little girl that I had raised, but it all boiled down to them staring at Christopher and the way that he acted. They…