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Critical Thinking Essay
By: Johanna Torres- Urrutia

Assessment of Element #1- Question or Issues:
When my professor discussed this assignment in class, the first two questions that came up to my mind was: “How am I going to do this assignment and what does he means, when he said “you are analyzing yourself for this Critical thinking essay.” I was concern if I should be realistic or lie to this assignment .There were moments were I felt very confuse on how to answer each question I’ve been asked to this assignment. There were so many things going through my mind about this critical essay.
Assessment of Element #2-Assumpitions
The part one of this assignment, which was the observation summary .At first, I really didn’t put effort towards my observation. I really slight off in task and rushed it caused it was the time to turn it in. when I turn it in Part One and got a low grade on it; I felt like a lazy student. I decided to re-do my observation sheet and take more time on it, so that I could at least be honest on it. Now, that I completed Part One and I reread what I wrote, I see myself as a stressful student. I see myself a student who cares about having an education to succeed in life, but can’t find a way on how to do it. I went through my observation and told myself “if only I turn in this observation sheet I would have gotten a good score.” The only thing I regret about Part One was not taking enough time on it. I learn that rushing and doing my homework at the last minute wasn’t a great choice to do.

Assessment of Element #3-Concepts:
There were moments I would debate about my major asking myself, “Should I become a nurse or an ultra sound technician?” I would often ask myself, “I should go talk to an advisor about my career goals and my major. I would get disappointed when I couldn’t decide what to do for my future. Some ideas that I generate is: make an appointment to talk to advisor or do some research about the two major careers, just to have knowledge about nursing and ultrasound. However, I didn’t do none of the ideas I came up with cause I didn’t had the time to actually do some research nor set up an appointment with an advisor. Working and going to school was something I had troubles trying to do.
Assessment of Element #4-information:
The most important information I learned about me was to never let the negatives or fears bring me down. I’m a type of person who struggles to become a better person. Relating to my study, motivation to complete college, deciding a major career, family responsibilities& support, and supports from my instructor/counselors had down hills and up hills. I realized that I’ve been stressing about passing my classes and becoming a perfect student, sister, employee, and daughter. In relating to study; my problem was studying for a test was hard to pass, but in reality I was the one who was putting me a hard time. If I study hard, reread my notes, and remember every detail my teacher have said I would do a better in the test. My motivation to completing college and choosing a major care was pretty tuff to decide and stay focus. When all I had to do is follow my heart for the career I want and see myself in the career I want to be. As for having support of my family and instructors, at first; I didn’t had that enough support that I wanted to hear so I can at least won’t feel lonely or not sure what to do. The only reason I felt like this was because I really pushed everyone who cared about me away. These were the most important things I noticed about this assignment.
Assessment of Element #5-inferences:
I came into a conclusion about my future goals after I completed my Part One. I began to come up with a plan to change my ways and to become a good responsible student. At first, I wasn’t prepared to start college, everything went by so fast. In each class I had homework to be turn in at the same day, not only I have to do homework but I have to work which made it difficult to