To Boycott Or Not To Boycott Stores

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To Boycott or Not To Boycott

Boycotting something is one of many techniques that people use to demonstrate that the need for something to be changed or stopped; People should not boycott stores that sell tobacco products. The stores are offering the product however they are not forcing any of these consumers to purchase it. The company who makes the products, are making the customers buy the product by advertising and developing new ideas for new products to be produced. If society desires tobacco products to be banned they need to go to the company and take matters into their hands with the person in charge of the company. Another solution is to try to convince those who use tobacco products, not to buy them and show the people the health hazards and the harm that it may cause them if they continue to use these products. This does not only involve health issues but also leaving people without a job.

The stores that sell tobacco products should not be boycotted because they are not forcing their customers to buy the products all they are doing is providing the product to the public to be able to make money. It is the customers’ decision whether they buy the tobacco or not. Boycotting the stores is only going to make stores go out of business and people will go out of jobs.

If society wants stores to stop selling tobacco products than the people should put a stop to the tobacco companies who are making the products to sell. All those who are against tobacco should get together and have a meeting with the person in charge of the tobacco company and voice their reasons as to why tobacco should not be in the market anymore. Even though the company may not agree the people have the right to keep on insisting to voice their point of view with reasonable reasoning.

Another, solution to get rid of tobacco products is to warn the consumers that those