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Briaunna Daniels
Professor Angela Drummond- Mathews
ENGL.1301 41215
24 March 2014
Losing Weight Losing weight by exercising is an effective way of a healthier lifestyle; it’s more flexible and reliable. Also, it’s a better chance of a permanent weight loss instead of a quick fix change like getting plastic surgery. You work harder at your goal and get the results that you want. It is a working progress and it has been proven that mostly women rely on the surgery more than men. I am against weight lost surgery because it’s more of a given award than actually earning it by dieting and exercising. Surgical weight loss is gaining popularity because there are so many options and different methods to choose from, but it could be very expensive from a price range of five thousand dollars and more. People who are obese will chose this route because it’s an easy way out; meanwhile, they forget to notice that there is some negative feedback from the surgery and overlook the safety precaution. It has been said that the after look of the surgery develops saggy and excess skin which leads to an unsatisfactory problem. “Ninety percent of patients reported functional problems caused by excess skin.” Also, it can cause physical, functional, hygienic, and psychological problems and can also have impact of the quality of life. About 16 % of patients get rejected from the surgery. (European Journal of Plastic Surgery) “One in 200 patients die after gastric bypass surgery. A new study found that about 40 percent of patients had problems ranging from diarrhea after eating fatty foods to hernias and intestinal leaks. And because gastric bypass shrinks the areas of the digestive tract that absorb nutrients, patients can develop deficiencies and must take vitamins for life.” (Pavlus, John) After the surgery you have to recover, and it could take months to heal. More women (70.58%) than men (46.15%) expected a better cosmetic appearance after body contouring. (North American Journal of Medical Sciences)
Weight loss by exercising will lower you BMI and boost your metabolism to help improve your digestive system; however, it does require hard work and dedication. There are many ways of working out; you could either do yoga, running/jogging, swimming, hiking, dancing, and etc. The higher the intensity is from your workout reflects on how much calories you’ll burn off. (The more calories your burn the more fat you burn) Exercising helps you to maintain and lose weight; it also helps with health conditions. No matter what kind of exercising you’re doing you’re helping your heart and lowering your blood pressure. (Journal of Physiology) You can also increase your chances of living a longer and healthier life, and devolving stronger muscles and bones. It can help you with your emotional issues; most people like to blow off steam during a workout. To actually lose weight you’ll have to burn more calories than you take in and change your bad eating habits. Once you see your results from your hard work it makes you want to