To Kill a Mockingbird and Scout Essay

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In What Ways Does Harper Lee Present Scout In To Kill A Mockingbird
Harper Lee presents scout in many different ways throughout the book, but in particular in four main ways; she has a boyish approach to life, she has been bought up in an adult style and is therefore confident, she is well educated and clever; finally she is mature and understanding. She is a good character to have narrated the book as she is a girl and she is young, this is good as she gives a clear unbiased perspective on the racial and gender divide. She is an interesting character that is constantly changing and maturing throughout the book. The qualities of her character are bought out in the book and she shows the reader the advantages of being confident etcetera.
Her boy like attitude to life is influenced by Jem mainly and by the fact that she has no mother in her life. She is portrayed to have the manners and thoughts of a young boy for example she swears a lot when she is angry, ‘You’re just a whore lady.’ This proves she has been surrounded by male company as they are ‘not allowed curse’ near a woman, and somehow Scout knows of these words. Having Scout narrating the book as a girl helps emphasise the gender issues of the nineteen thirties, it is particularly good as she is innocent and doesn’t have any opinion as such upon the issue. For example she says, ‘Typical for a nigger to have no plan,’ this displays that she has been bought up in this society of ‘niggers’ being stupid in thought, it shows the reader clearly what the attitude is around the town as she is so innocent that she has no opinion of her own only on what is influenced upon her.
Scout throughout the book is treated like an adult along with her older brother Jem. During the book we see Atticus tries to expand their knowledge and mature them by treating them with freedom and teaching them polite manners. This has an effect on Scout as Atticus worries about her more than Jem as she has a more aggressive attitude. An example of Scout being treated like an adult is that Atticus teaches them to call him ‘Atticus’ instead of ‘Dad’ which is seemed as more formal and adult like towards the reader rather than just a normal girl talking to her father. Another instance of Atticus treating Scout like an adult is that he allows her to have the freedom to run around and play any game and anywhere in the town as long as they are ‘back for supper’. Considering that Scout is still at a young age Atticus puts trust in both Scout and Jem to look after each other. This gives the impression to that the reader that Atticus sees Scout as an adult and not a child. This is as throughout the book Atticus used mature vocabulary towards both Scout and Jem, like when telling her off he will not raise his voice and try and impose upon her but discuss the problem and see if they could come up with a mutual decision to solve the dispute.
Scout is presented as an intelligent individual from the very beginning of the book; it is shown she is able to read and is confident in conversation, even when talking to strangers. She can read and write which is clever from Lee as it shows great contrast in the society. For example, ‘I cannot remember when the letters above Atticus’ finger turned to words,’ this show she cannot even remember when she learned to read unlike the blacks. Evidence for…