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Photo Narrative (Daredevil)

Without adrenaline I would be completely oblivious of life. I knew I had this struggle of addiction since a very young age. The pleasure that I achieved when adrenaline pressed through my body was absolute euphoria. Some might have called it my “drug” while others simply thought of me as being completely maniacal. Every day I would seek new experiences that would trigger that rush that ran through my veins. Today, however, there were no limits. I felt my heart rate jump suddenly as I slightly pushed the accelerator with my left foot. My breathing also heightened as the car started to gain speed. I sensed the aroma of fresh wood and gasoline as I moved faster and faster. However, the speed I was about to reach wasn’t enough to satisfy my needs. Before I knew it, I was racing down the wood floor and up in the air. I felt the force of gravity pulling me inwards towards the back of the seat but my urge encouraged me to set myself free. The excitement was so satisfying that it even made me sweat. I witnessed how people above started to peek down to observe my act of “stupidity”, as some would say. Nonetheless, I was living with ecstasy and that was all that mattered. For I pulled my body out of the car window onto the speeding air and was absolutely overjoyed. I extended my arms right next to me and enjoyed the moment for it could be the last minutes of my life. Fortunately for me though, I lived for these moments. The moments where the past or…