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Marketing Management


Marketing Plan to launch a C-Segment Car

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Table of content

➢ Introduction of TOYOTA

➢ Marketing Plan of Toyota Launch a “PRIUS”

➢ Objectives

➢ SWOT analysis

➢ Competitor

➢ Target Market

➢ Production System

➢ Conclusion

➢ Bibliography

Introduction of Toyota

Toyota is one of the best car selling companies in the world. TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation) was established in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in the year 1937 by a successful businessman - Mr. Kiichiro Toyoda.

The company is a corporation in the Toyota City in Tokyo Today, there are more than 317,000 people working in this company as its dedicated employees The company did not stop creating anything and they kept on creating more and more powerful things without stopping. In the year 1936, Toyota created a history by introducing a new passenger car- Toyota AA. Toyota also has other brands which are very famous worldwide and are known as Scion and Lexus. These cars have great deals and they have majority of their shareholdings in Daihatsu and Hino Motors.

Toyota selling over 8.8 million models in 2006¹ on all five continents. A Top 10 Fortune Global 500² enterprise, Toyota ranks among the world's leading global corporations and is proud to be the most admired automaker³, an achievement the company believes stems from its dedication to customer satisfaction.Toyota has been shaped by a set of values and principles that have their roots in the company's formative years in Japan.
Besides making cars, the company also has its wings in other sectors such as financial sector. The name of this branch is Division Toyota Financial Services. This company also plays a crucial role in financial sector and gives loans and financial assistance to the people who are in need of capital. Toyota Group is the largest group of industries in the world. Toyota motors limited has seen a huge loss of about 5 billion US dollars due to internal issues. After the financial crisis that happened due to American people, Toyota lost a lot of shares and stakes and money between the years 2007-2009. The recession that happened in the world was mainly due to Americans who did not pay their loans and taxes back to the country.

Marketing Plan of TOYOTA launch a “PRIUS”

Japan’s Toyota Motor has confirmed that the Prius hybrid will be making its way to India, where it will be aiming to capture a nichemarket. Vice Chairman Kazvo Okamoto revealed that the modelis ready and marketing strategies are under consideration, which could include selling the car by invite.Although a timeframe for the roll-out is undecided, the Prius is likely to make its first appearance in India at the Auto Expo in January 2010. The issue facing Toyota, and one which hit Honda’s Civic hybrid, the only other model in the segment, is one of cost. Unlike other Asian markets, the Indian government has not yet