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Toyota Processes
Quality Control
One of the major flaws within Toyota was the fact that Toyota did not stand behind its original statement of quality behind its vehicles. In order to rebuild the company, Toyota must be able to stand behind its brand and what it claims to be its philosophy. If a company cannot stand behind its values, there will not be many that will stand behind the Toyota name.
Crisis Management/Communication
The next process that would help Toyota improve would be crisis management. When Toyota began to have problems after their rapid growth, there was not a procedure or protocol that was followed in order to fix what was wrong. The company would benefit in the long term by having a crisis team and management set up in order to stand behind its name. The company needs to be able to respond quickly to its problems and faults and repair them in a timely and efficient manner. The company failed when it was not accountable for the issues and did not fix them. Instead the company ignored and blamed. This way of doing things made the company become labeled with a bad reputation and name. Along with Crisis Management comes the ability to communicate effectively. The company did not communicate the problems that the vehicles were having. Instead, the company denied allegations and pointed fingers instead of being accountable and communicating the problems within.
Customer Service
Customer service is an area that needs attention in all