Track Persuasive Research Paper

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Skyler Roach

English II 1st Hour

Mr. Soares

December 8th, 2015

Track Is My Favorite Sport Ever.

A sport most people would not consider doing is Track. However Track is a sport that can give your body a lot of benefits. People all over the world tend to participate in Track setting world records, achieving their dreams, and many more things. It is not as easy as it looks though, before people participating in track you are suppose to get your body in shape, which involves a lot of working out and running of course. Track is an amazing sport because I love to run, the competition is great, and it provides amazing benefits for your body.

Although it is not that quite easy to be a track runner I still love track because I love to run. To be a great runner it is best to devote to eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and to do weight lifting a lot more than usual, so it is easier to stay in shape. As time passes by though your body becomes use to these types of habits, which means that your body is starting to get in shape for that track season. Track seasons always end though and through that time period your body starts to not be and shape anymore, so it is important that your body stays in shape until the next track season starts up again.
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If you're in an sport without a lot of competition people do not usually try there best. Having more competition in a sport helps your body stay in shape and it can make your body even stronger than it was before someone competes in a race with someone. At almost every track meet even the fans are competitive with each other, which gives your team with a better chance at winning. Having fans that cheer someone else helps people push through faster or harder in certain events. As you can see track is an very competitive sport and without competition among the runners or fans people would not do there