Tragic Day Essay

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“Tragic Day”
We never know what will happen in life, do we? Most of us go through life planning our next move, and take life for granted. We are happy and angry, laughing and crying, forgiving and holding grudges, but never realizing that our lives can change in an instant. October 18, 2010 is the day that changed my whole perspective about life.
It was a decently warm day it was in the low 60 and I was home with an injured knee. When my mom came home, she asked me if I knew a boy named Jefferson. I replied, “yes”, while nervously looking into my mom’s eyes. I could see the tears starting to fill her eyes. She opened her mouth to say what she had to tell me, her voice started shaking, and then I heard the words “Jefferson died.” I was in disbelief, thinking I was in some sort of dream, so I called my friend Cassidy to confirm the news. It was true. We sat on the phone for a couple of minutes crying together trying to take everything in. So many questions were running through my mind, like how could this happen to a young boy like him? How did he die?
Jefferson had been at our school for only two months, so I barely knew him, but how do you just let someone, like this go? He always had a smile on his face it was so contagious. The next day I returned to school. It was the day of Jefferson’s funeral and everyone in the eighth grade was attending. I don’t know which was harder, finding out what happened, or actually seeing Jefferson lying in the coffin. His face was pale, but had a blue color to it. It looked as if he was dreaming peacefully. Everyone was crying including the teachers. I don’t think even they could believe this happened. Jefferson used to sing a song all the time during class, so a few friends sang it for him at his funeral. “ I believe I can fly, I got caught by the