Essay about Training and Development

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Andrew Scott

The most important single fact discussed in the first video is the transfer of training. Transfer of training is when trainees effectively and continually apply what they have learned in training to their jobs. The key word in the definition of transfer of training is “continually.” Yeah, you can have someone show you what to do and you can do it the first time, but that information is easily forgotten until the task is completed time and time again. Once transfer of training is occurring, development can happen, and that is what this whole course is about. The most important single fact in the second video pretty much ties with transfer of training. Overlearning is important in the training process because trainees need to continue to practice even if they have been able to perform the objective several times. To me, I feel like transfer of training cannot occur unless overlearning is present. In your job, you want to be a master at the tasks you have to perform. The reason Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Lions is able hit a home-run basically every other time he steps to the plate is because he does tee-work, watches videos of himself taking batting practice, etc. Mastery takes practice. Digital presentations, to me, are more beneficial compared to face-to-face training. For example, my project group is making a video and acting out common stereotypes in the workplace. It is nice to be able to go back and fix anything to make our presentation perfect and effectively get the training across, rather than presenting a skit on the spot and possibly leaving some information out. Digital presentations are also nice because it gets straight to the point and environment changes are made by just a change from scene to scene, where as a face-to-face skit