Training and Development Paper

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Training and Development Paper
Lonna Becton
April 11, 2011
Mark Stricklett

Training and Development Paper The purpose of health education is to positively persuade the health behavior of individuals and committees as well as living and working conditions that influence their health. Health education is the development of individual group, community, and systemic strategies to improve health knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behavior. Health education is a social science that draws from the biological, environmental, physical, and mental sciences to promote health and prevent disease disability and premature death through education driven voluntary behavior change activities.
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Providing employees with information on other characteristics of the business can give them an overall understanding of how all the pieces work together to contribute as a whole in addition to how their individual jobs fit into the big picture. Implementing effective learning, development, and performance management system requires the use of competency models and an efficient method of evaluating individuals against these models. Competency is the ability of an individual to perform effectively in a job related area. It also deals with what is important to succeed on a job. An accurate evaluation of an employee’s competencies can assist with a collection of useful information that analyzes the professional connection. Managers and the staff should realize that personal skills will vary from person to person in the professional field. This will make it challenging to obtain an exact individual assessment without taking several elements into consideration. Measuring an employee’s competency requires an impartial evaluation that is performed in a results-based method. Providing a time line and itinerary of steps towards improvement for employees will let them know what to expect. Organizations frequently train their employees to take on additional responsibilities or to improve their skills. An evaluation process may be done in a few steps by the human resource department or department manager to determine the trainings