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Miquelle Brinson
Margaret Moore Mehl
Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than the one you are living now? Do you ever wish you had the courage to try something knew like moving to a foreign place or meeting new people? Transition is a scary thought that many people try and avoid. As people become accustomed to their everyday lifestyle, they develop a sense of fear instead of looking at the positive effects that change can have on a person life. Transition can be hard for certain people, or it can be as simple as changing the taste in your coffee that you’ve drank every morning for many years.
What is Transition?
"Transition is psychological; it is not the events outside us that make the transition; it is the inner re-orientation and meaning-redefinition that we make to incorporate those changes." (Bridges, 2004). Many people have their own definitions for the word "Transition" to explain the term in the simplest way, transition is the process of changing from what is familiar to what is unfamiliar. For example, getting new furniture in your home and getting rid of the old furniture that you were used to sitting on every day, or meeting someone new and trusting them enough to become a part of your life, another example is moving from up north where you were born and raised then deciding to move across country to experience a completely different lifestyle.
Why is a transition so important for a person to experience?
Transition involves challenging people to concentrate on living in the moment and getting the most out of what life has to offer. “Many people fail to realize that every transition begins with an ending” (Bridges. 2004). When someone is in the process of transitioning, they may not realize it but they are developing stronger characteristics that can encourage them to become more optimistic and face challenges that they were once afraid to overcome. A positive result from any transition can reflect the relationships between your family, co-workers, and friendships, this is extremely important for your overall well-being. Change is a scary word, I can admit to that myself, but having that feeling of curiosity and not pushing yourself to do anything about it, will only prevent you from experiencing what could possibly be the best change in your life. I strongly believe "everything happens for a reason" (Warren 1997).
Helpful steps to take for transitioning your life
As I have read William Bridges in Transitions: Making sense of life’s changes, he has mentioned that there are three stages of transitioning, which are fall, winter, and spring. The fall transition is the step for breaking familiar habits and saying goodbye to the old. The winter stage is where one will become confused, numb and hasn't quite let