Trip of a Life Time Essay

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Lost in the forest I could hear the sounds of starving and thirsty animals. In fact, I would hear an animal every few minutes, the sounds getting closer and closer, but every single time it would come from different directions; almost as if they had circled the group I was travelling with. I was terrified so much that I was shaking and shivering, and the thought that I was about to get eaten, was so troubling to deal with, I could tell the others felt the same way, we felt as if there was no escape. Suddenly, a huge black figure charged at us out of nowhere. The chase began. Most of us split, and I remember seeing people run away. I was left with four from my original group.

I could tell by the positioning of the moon that it was around midnight but I wasn’t sure what day of the week it was. I wasn’t even sure how I arrived there. As I was walking through crooked trees and enormous, green plants, there was always one question popping up in my mind, which I didn’t know how to answer. How did I get here? I asked the others, they also didn’t know how.
Every now and then you’d hear a scream from a disturbed human who was obviously dying or getting chased, and as it got later in the night, the screams became less regular. At approximately 3AM and you could hear branches nearby creaking, and it sent chills down my spine, “Is this it? Is this how I die?” I couldn’t even finish off that thought as a black bear accelerated at us with pace, as it ran towards us, you could hear the blood-thirsty growls it would make as it got closer and closer. We all made a run for it and unfortunately It grabbed Sarah who was the only girl In the group, the bear ripped her from the ground and threw her up against a tree, we all stopped and watched as she was ferociously torn and chewed apart, but we couldn’t stand there or else we would be the bears next meal.
As I tiredly kept running with only myself, Brett and Joe left, luckily we came across a road and it was extremely straight as you could not see end to end as it faded in the distance. Fortunately we saw lights which seem to be beaming from a car. We stood on the side of the road for a good ten minutes, hoping another creature would not come to feed on us, and then the Ute came.
It stopped on the side of the road and we were all relieved. As we hopped into the Ute it had an uncanny type of feeling to it. I didn’t really worry about it though as I almost instantly fell asleep.
I woke up to a bang. I was dizzy and hanging up by fish hooks that were nailed to the wall, they were lodged in my back, two on each shoulder. The pain was unbearable and I passed out from shock. I woke up again, realising where I was almost straight away and looked across the room to see Brett, in a cage filled with barb wire and he didn’t even have the opportunity to move. Joe was nowhere to be seen, though within thirty minutes I saw Joe being fiercely dragged in by his wavy type hair which came down to his shoulders. He was unconscious and at one stage he regained consciousness for only a few seconds, but then he went back into unconsciousness. His blood-stained body was dragged along the floor and put onto a table where his already rippled clothes were torn off his body and thrown to the side.
The tall, masked man walked over to a table with plenty of cutting tools on it. He grabbed a saw, hammer and a screwdriver. He walked back over to Joe, put the screwdriver on his knee caps, and hit the hammer into his knee cap so the screwdriver went into his knee, Joe woke up and screamed in pain as the masked man hit it again, and again so that you could not see the metal part of the screwdriver anymore. He then took it out and put it to the other