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As a cure for her unhappiness, the queen of Cartage, Dido marries the Trojan prince Arenas. Aeneas was madly in love with Dido, although misfortunate would soon find them. One day while they were out hunting, evil Sorceress plot the destruction of Dido. Later when the evil witch disguised finds Aeneas, she tells him to leave Carthage. Aeneas hates the though of leaving Dido but he is not willing to disobey a god’s command.

Dido, the Phoenician Queen in Virgil's is a sad character who becomes the victim of the gods. Dido becomes desperately charmed with Aeneas and later discards everything and everybody, for her great passion. As she only thinks of her husband. This speaks volumes of what she valued as family. We can assume that family is not importantly valued as most, since she abandoned it for her love or lust for Aeneas. She lets her city stand in disorder, allowing Aeneas to consume her every thought. So when the gods again intervene and swayed Aeneas to continue his mission, Dido, turns fury as she comprehend Aeneas has to desert her. Dido is a strong and appreciated ruler, with a reverence for law and the gods. Like Aeneas's character, Dido's character represents that of the best. Juno and Venus manipulate Dido and Aeneas and causes Dido to become infatuated with Aeneas. She realizes that her love for Aeneas is her downfall; however, she is unable to change the course of events. Dido is becomes consumed with bitter and anger at Aeneas' abandonment. She regrets her