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“My True Colours”


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confident, mentally strong, logical, inventive, having high expectations, knowledgeable & enjoy my own company


flexible, easygoing, playful, clever, open to change, having many interests, courageous, assertive & independent


consistent, goal oriented, traditional, realistic, prepared, dependable, loyal, responsible & having leadership ability


compassionate, idealistic, affectionate, empathetic, caring, nurturing, a communicator & valuing feelings

When I was first doing the True colours, I found my self frustrated with the limitations of the test as I am different in my different stages of life and in different situations . For Instance as a child my Order would have been BLUE,GOLD,GREEN ORANGE I was inventive, wanted to understand and follow rules, had lots of questions, but was otherwise shy and cautious.

These characteristics weren’t reward very well in early childhood. And as I made my way through middle school I learned to develop a different order. GREEN, GOLD, BLUE, ORANGE. I found that my more abstract thinking could fuel the background of many aspects of my life blending in my observations of systems of rules and people's behaviours. I have always been very frustrated with unfairness and having powerful feelings that been hard to control.

As I made way out of School and into Adult life I had yet another shift: GREEN, GOLD, ORANGE, BLUE. I found Non scholastic Work to be very rewarding as it validated my “Green” aspect in a unique way, as few could get the job done as well and efficiently as I could. Eventually I noticed that if I was enjoying life it was easier to keep all of my emotions in check. As well by being more extroverted I got more back from the people around me. Often putting me in a position of leadership Using my ability to conceptualize and abstract I have directed it towards the murky work of sorting through feelings and understanding people.

In my feel good version of my world, I would like my blue to be more dominate. But in reality every time I have tried to bring the “Blue” more forward in life, I have been hurt either by others or myself. Neither one of us living up to my idealized way of treating each other. While priding my self on my progress I tend to resent others for their lack of progress when we are required to interact in group settings. Especially when they something ridiculous like “ you are more _____ than I am ” and I find my self stunned at their presumptions. I wish they realized better that we all have to choose which aspect of ourselves is required for different tasks and conditions, and shifted accordingly as I had.

Even as I was answering the questions in the True Colours questionnaire I could tell how I would have answered differently 20 years ago. When I look at the way I am now GREEN,ORANGE,GOLD,BLUE with a clear gap between blue and gold,

I have always sough out new activities, new situations, to test my ideas about people, myself and life. I had always put work first. While in my personality I have switched those two around. I have yet to implement it in life. Perhaps looking to fill the gap that work left behind when I went on disability

There have been many situations where I have been called on to expand my different “colours”. Pretty much most of these situations have been been motivated by my need to be understood by others. Either for myself to assuage the separation from others that I feel. OR to implement a vision, that others do not realize would make easier for us to achieve our goals. I am very good at looking at what resources are available which ones are not available to solve a problem and find more than one way to get it done. And as much as I…