Truman Show Techniques

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In the film The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir we see a man that grows up as the star of a reality show. An important event near the end of the film is after the storm when Truman hits the wall of the dome. Truman Burbank is the unwitting star of a reality television show watched 24 hours a day. Truman realises the truth about his world and discovers that he is the main star of a worldwide reality television show viewed by millions every day. The director uses techniques such as sound, camera angles and dialogue in order to express the importance of the event.

Sound is a technique that Peter Weir uses in order to make the viewers feel emotion during the film. When Truman hits the wall of the dome the director introduces the ‘Father Kolbe’s Preaching’ song into the scene. According to Peter Weir the music is used because it represents reaching the end of the world and in the film it is where Truman discovers the whole truth and hits the dome wall. This music is a powerful piano piece and it helps the viewer into understanding Truman’s feelings. Truman realises that his world is not real and you see the anger and mental pain as he pieces together that his friends, family and wife were all a lie. The music calms as Truman calms and he discovers a path along the edge of the dome covered by water where he finds a staircase leading to an exit door. The director uses symbolism by showing the stairs as a ‘stairway to heaven’. The music stops and when it does the viewer feels a more serious feeling as though something critical is about to happen. The film uses music many times throughout the scenes and when the music and sound stop it usually leads to a significant event. In this end scene, it is when Christof, the director of the reality tv show, speaks to Truman.

Dialogue is used in the event by the director, but is at first delayed. When Truman hits the dome there is no dialogue, only facial expressions, movement and music. Dialogue is first used in the moment when Truman approaches the exit door. The first part of dialogue is when Christof the creator of Truman’s world (Christ of) speaks out to Truman and calls his name. The dialogue Christof uses is significant because when he calls “Truman”, Truman turns around and he begins to appear as though he is having a conversation with the sky because as Christof speaks the clouds open up and makes Christof appear God-like. Dialogue is extremely important such as when Christof tells Truman “I know you better than you know yourself”. This is a crucial quote as it ‘sums up’ the control that Christof feels he has over Truman. In response Truman says “Damn, I never had a camera in my t was as head”. This quote tells us that as much as Truman was told he had a