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On page 33 in "Tuesday with Morrie", Mitch had wrote "The eighties happened. the nineties happened....I traded lots of dreams for a bigger paycheck, and I never realized I was doing it." This passage let me think a lot. Al so reminded me that day professor ask in class if we could choose. Are we going to chose a job that you love, but have lower pay or a job you hate, but have higher pay. And I answered that I want the second one. Because I feel like even money is not the most important thing in the world, but with out money. People can not even survive in this world. And there are no men not like money. Some one use to said with money you can not do everything. But with out money, you can not even do anything. That's true and also that's reality. Everyone have dreams. I could say life is build up with the dreams. But sometimes dream is just a dream. No matter how hard you try. It just like a bubble in the air. Even though it can reflect beautiful colors. But once you touch it. Its gone. That's exactly what happened to Mitch. He had a dream to be a musician. But he could only performed at clubs and bars, which have a really low pay. So then he decide to give up his dream become a reporter which gets good amount of paid. People always said no pays, no gains. Yes, that's true too. But I think sometimes life doesn't always goes what we want it. 266

I think "Tuesday with Morrie" is a great book that I learned some life truth from the book. Morrie was a old professor and Mitch was a graduated student form Brandeis University which he was working at a newspaper company. The relationship between Morrie and Mitch are very mysterious because of they haven't met for 16 years. When they met in Morrie's house after 16