Essay Turkey: Time and College Times

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Imagine yourself, fifty-six years old getting up early in the morning to go work. One they someone comes to you and ask you what would you want to do if you have a chance do something whatever you want? You would probably wanted to go back your college times, the time that you just started taking responsibilities and earned your own money. According to the statistics in 2012, you are on the same track with millions of others such as me. This essay will explore the importance of college times on couple aspects, and will show you why are the best times in a person’s life.
For most of the people college only meant getting rid of parents or having parties all the time but for me it’s more than that. College is where actually your life begins, the time that you eventually take your own responsibilities. It also the time that you are most productive, open to learning and have a chance to learn according to your interests. The founder of Turkey once said that: “ Provide opportunities to young adults because they are the one’s who will look after us.” and I can say that according to my examinations, most of the successful businessman and other high class employers thinks the same way. When you are in college, people around you are more like to provide you opportunities, jobs and scholarships so that you can be beneficial them in some ways.
Another best thing about your college times is that you finally find a way for yourself to have your own experiences other than listening to