Twisted: Running and Old Looking House Essay

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The night was dark and silent. The sweat slid down my neck as i ran. The crashing behind me slowly got silent and i started to ease my pace. I had finally escaped the black creature that had spotted me in an alley awhile back. I smiled as i walked towards the nearest road so i could spot a house to ask for directions to a park near my house. I soon spotted an old looking house and decided to head there since it was the closest place near me. As i walked closer i could faintly hear the crashing again so i started to run twords the house. I finally stumbled onto the porch and quickly pounded on the door.

I heard footsteps inside the house and felt a slight feeling of relief. I was going to escape from the black and mysterious creature. I soon saw the door nob turn and i waited impatiently for the houses owner to open the door. When the door did finally open i saw a elderly man in a black suit. Without saying a single sentence i ran thru the entrance and slammed the door. The man didn't say anything to my action and i just assumed that he could understand why. He walked towards the door locking it and then flicked on the light near it. That didn't really help the lighting problem since the bulb was dim. He then walked towards a wooden chair that was oddly placed so that it would face the door. It was then that i finally found it odd that someone would wear a black suit at this time of day. I then remembered why i was here and opened my mouth to ask for directions but he raised a hand to silence me. "Now why is a young man running around out here and then coming into my house?" He asked in a soothing voice that seemed to be slightly dark for some reason. He was smiling like a fox who was about to get its food. I slowly gathered my thoughts and ignored my instinct to study what he was doing. I finally answered his question by saying "I was running from some black creature that had spotted me in an alley when i was walking home."

He stared at me and then said "Why would you run from it?" The question seemed a little stupid to me. It was a black creature that was chasing me so what do you think it was going to do! I didn't say that though, instead i meekly said, "I guess i thought it would eat me." He paused like he was thinking but his face said that he wasn't and he already had something to say. "Well, first off it wasn't a black