Essay on Two Effective Weight Loss Methods

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I have two effective and easy to follow weight loss methods that I want to share with you. If weight loss is your goal, and you have struggled with losing those extra pounds in the past, I’m sure your frustrated, and I know exactly how you are feeling. As a person who has struggled with being slightly overweight my whole life, this is an issue I can relate to on a personal level, and sympathize with the feeling of defeat it gives you when you know you are doing everything you possibly can to lose weight only to no avail. All of my adult life I went from one fad diet to another, only to find they were either not something easy enough to commit to long term, or left me feeling so horrible constantly I’d much rather remain overweight. Although some proved to be somewhat effective, many were much too strict to continue, and I began to feel hungry and moody all of the time. That is when I began to research other options. Methods that were created for the long haul, and not just a temporary fix. After researching food and how it effects your body, I learned quite a bit about where I had been going wrong.
After my research, I decided to put to the things I discovered to have a lot of solid evidence for success. This was something that was very opposite to the lifestyle I was accustomed to living. Before trying this method, I was in the habit of consuming an enormous amount of sugar and processed foods throughout the day. This, as I came to understand through my research, was causing my body to have an unhealthy glycemic index, which ultimately resulted in having a few extra pounds that was difficult for me to get rid of even with consistent exercise.
Your body interprets certain foods differently than others. Processed food raises your bodies glycemic index, and as a result, your body stores it as fat. That is why the diet that gives you the best, long lasting results will be one that is high in protein and low in carbs. However, I do realize that because meat consumption would be a huge part of this diet plan, and therefore vegetarians would have very few options. It is my desire to see every person struggling with weight loss to have the opportunity to benefit from this revolutionary discovery. It is truly a breakthrough in how a person can create a reasonable lifestyle change that will keep them looking and feeling their very best. Both of the weight loss methods I will be discussing are equally effective.
The first method is relatively simple. You simply stop eating all food products containing sugar, and maintain a diet based on lean protein and vegetables. One thing you will have to become knowledgeable about is not only what foods contain sugar, but what foods your body interprets as sugar as well. For instance, a person is usually under the general assumption that carrots would be good for you. After all, they are a vegetable and contain very little calories. The truth is, carrots are a starchy vegetable that your significantly raises your bodies glycemic index, and therefore converts the glucose it produces into fat. There are many other foods in which this is true, so in order to truly be successful on this diet plan, you must research foods that raise your glycemic index. Fruit of all kinds acceptable because they contain a natural sugar content that does not significantly raise your glycemic index.
The first couple of weeks tend to be a little hard if you are used to consuming a high amount of sugar and carbs in your present diet. Your body has to go through a process of detoxifying itself from all the artificial food products you have been consuming regularly, which can leave you feeling a bit out of sorts. However, this phase will only last for the first couple of weeks, and I know from personal experience it is well worth toughing it out. After this process of detoxification is overwith, you will lose your craving for sugar products completely. I have discovered that it is common for people after eating a meal