Types Of Shoppers Essay

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Types of Shoppers Being a well-experienced shopper myself since my teenage years have begun, I’ve come to learn the ways different human beings act when they shop. What I have concluded is there are three major types of shoppers in the world: over-indulgent, innocent, and annoying. The first type of shopper is the over-indulgent shopper. This shopper comes from any and every financial background on the spectrum, it doesn’t matter if they are filthy rich, or are out shopping on the day they receive their welfare check; these shoppers are everywhere. They commonly are the ones who buy an excessive amount of items. For example: 20 bottles of toothpaste, 50 cans of soup, or 40 bottles of shampoo. And don’t forget those hundreds of coupons they bring with them! Sometimes they over-indulge because they really need the items, but sometimes they also buy the items to have a proud attitude, almost as to say, “Hey, I have more of such-and-such than you do!” These shoppers are one of the worst types. The second type of shopper is the innocent shopper. This shopper is commonly elderly, because the older generation tends to be a little friendlier than the younger, and sometimes the elderly get lonely and go to the local mall, just to walk around. They don’t really seem to know what they’re doing while shopping, and they may buy a thing or two at the store. These items include toys and merchandise for their children and grandchildren, or the stereotypical grocery list: milk, eggs, bread, etc. They mean no harm whatsoever, and they make me wish all shoppers had that mellow, sweet attitude. The third type of shopper is the