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The College Board Official Study Guide 2012 Test #8 Vocabulary (Jackie PREP )

Phlegmatic – (adjective) self-possessed, calm, or composed
Nick was phlegmatic when his internet broke down when he got home. But why would he be?

Apathetic – (adjective) having or showing little or no emotion; not interested or concerned
One should be apathetic when they get a low SAT score because they know they will do better next time!

Conciliate– (verb) to overcome the distrust or hostility of; placate; win over, gain
If Japan is to conciliate with China about the Donju island incident, there is a chance peace could be made between them. Vigilant – (adjective) keenly watchful to detect danger; wary; ever awake and alert
I am watching vigilantly as my opponent lunged at me trying to get a point during fencing.

Penurious – (adjective) extremely poor; indigent; miserly
I never buy anything even in holidays because I am an extremely penurious person. I rather save money for food.

Frugal – (adjective) economical in use or expenditure; cheap
Ha-ha, really $10 for fried rice? I am frugal and am Asian, make that fried rice $5; yes I want a 50%discount.

Flabbergasted – (verb) to overcome with surprise and bewilderment; astound
When Ben finally flabbergasted his calculus exam a perfect score of 100 he was ecstatic.

Miffed – (adjective) put into an irritable mood, especially by an offending incident
Jessica felt miffed when her friend called her pregnant. She was really just fat.

Jaded – (adjective) Worn out, overwork or overuse
Oh my god, I used this SAT book so much that it became jaded.

Wary – (adjective) watchful; being on one’s guard against danger
Her mother is always wary of her daughter’s big mouth, why? Her daughter is too loquacious about her personal life.

Censures – (verb) to criticize
I would censure you if you show me your college essays. I would in fact, obliterate it.

Exacerbates – (verb) to irritate, bitterness
Ugh, why does school even give students homework? It is so exacerbating.

Delineates - (verb) to portray in words; to trace the outline of
“So class, please delineate how this picture of World War I display Jackie’s view of war” said Mr. Burns.