Ulysses S. Grant's Role During The Civil War

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“Although a soldier by profession,I have never felt any sort of fondness for war,and I have never advocated it ,except as a means of peace”~Ulysses S. Grant~ For many Americans Ulysses S.Grant is known as the 18th president of the United States who served two terms from (1869-1877) and he was also known as the Commanding General and a great master strategist who led the United States to victory during the Civil War.President Grant was not the only one who play a significant role during the civil war General Robert E.Lee and Ulysses S.Grant were both famous Generals who were apart of the military and were seen as important figures in history during the Civil War General and our 18th president Ulysses S.Grant fought on the north side representing …show more content…
April 20,1871
*President Grant signed the second Enforcement Act which this specific act protected American Americans from violent groups. Particularly to the Ku Klux Klan. This group was a group that was operating openly and was not afraid to share their opinions on how they felt against African Americans.
October 12,1871
*President Grant issued the proclamation of ordering the Ku Klux Klan to disburse and surrender their arms.

Last but not least, the third area i will be discussing will be economic standing and the outcome that president grant had to face while in the midst of a crisis of a country that had been fighting in a war and is now left after the aftermath of the civil war trying to repair and rebuild a new nation. President grant particularly refers to southern states who were under serious circumstances of
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Did grant go further in his life then he expected?yes but if the only good thing people can remember besides having to think about the negatives is president ulysses s grant saving our nation in one of the first major depression and brokenness of a nation trying to rebuild again after a war then truly in my eyes he was a hero because in a time of need he stood up and made it possible for the nation to later redevelop and re-create a new stronger nation. It amazes me how grant had no background of political experience but he tried his ultimate best to save this nation the best way that he could and that to me makes him a hero because the time in which he was serving was in fact one of the worst times in history a person could serve not only as a president getting looked down on from the white supremacy side for advocating for the rights for african americans but he also had to endure risking his life in every war he fought especially fighting on the union side of the civil war despite the fact he won, it was hard mentally and physically on a person and like