Ulysses Traits Essay

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Throughout history there have been many heroes with amazing powers, which have defined them as a hero. Some have had supernatural powers while others have had amazing gismos and gadgets. But, what did the hero in the odyssey Ulysses have? In this essay I will be describing three major traits, which makes him a hero. They are his natural leadership, his strength, and the supernatural help he received. First, Ulysses was a natural leader. For example, he was captain of many ships. This shows that he is a natural leader because no ordinary man can be a captain. It takes a lot of leadership and skill. This also shows that, he is quick thinking which is a required trait of any leader. Another example is when he goes to make sure the area safe when he finds the castle. This shows that he is willing to risk his life for his man, which any leader must be willing to do. This also shows that he is very courageous, because no man who is not a leader would ever go off on there own to make sure the path is clear. Obviously Ulysses is a natural leader. Next, not only is Ulysses a great leader, but he is also very strong. For example, he strings his bow when no one else could. This shows that he is strong because out of all the men who tried he was the only one who could pull it, proving his strength. This also shows that he has very strong will power. Because even though he did string his bow it must have been no easy task since everyone else had a hard time, so it took a lot of will power to string it. Another example is when he breaks the mast on his ship when he is sailing past the sirens. This shows that his strength cannot even be contained when he is tightly tied to a mast with ropes. This also shows that strong because it took two of his men to tie him back to the mast, which means not one man can contain him. Third, Ulysses receives help from a multitude of supernatural beings. For