Greyhound Case Study

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Understanding the problem
Customer’s drive our business, let’s take care of them! As a company that provides services to individuals from all walks of life, we have to accommodate and adapt to what our customers want from Greyhound. We want to turn Greyhound into a company that is more customer service focused. When Greyhound makes any decisions, we need to keep the customer in mind. Without our customers, we cannot operate. We are stressing this issue because of the impact that our customer base has on our company as a whole. Greyhound needs to differentiate itself from others by providing excellent customer service and understanding the customer’s needs. “You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied.” ~ Jerry Fritz The problems we have faced all eventually have an impact on our passengers. Greyhound has seen its business declining because of lower services rendered to customers. The company didn’t catch the new opportunities brought by technology that could boost their financials. From the unnecessary spending to the poor work ethic from our employees, this all bleeds through the cracks and negatively impacts our customer experience resulting in poor financial performance. Management needs to be reassessed and a strategy needs to be put into place when carrying out actions. There were several aimless decisions made that cost the company money and customers. Issues with terminal workers and drivers need to be addressed immediately. A strict code of conduct needs to be enforced. Greyhound will not tolerate employees making inappropriate remarks about customers. As far as the drivers, we need to be more considerate and realistic when making schedules and routes. Our drivers felt that they had to speed so that they could get to the next destination on time. This is also completely intolerable and unlawful. Employee and customer safety is extremely important to Greyhound. Any potential risks or safety concerns need to be addressed immediately. Greyhound has been under all sorts of different management styles and has been thrown every which way, but we feel confident that if we build our customer base back up and focus on satisfying our employees as well, then we can turn this company around. A huge factor that plays into all of our problems is our poorly managed information systems. Any company bases decisions off of recorded data so that they can collect information needed to make necessary changes to provide a better experience for customers. From when they purchase their ticket, to when they walk off the bus, the customer needs to feel valued. The Trips reservation system hit the company hard. This system failed in so many ways, from training the employees on it, which took 40 hours per employee, to system crashes which prevented customers from traveling, Trips took a huge hit on the company. A priority of ours would need to be putting a new system in place. Greyhound’s ticket purchases are made one to three hours before scheduled departure 65% of the time. We need an efficient and cost-effective way to process ticket purchases and accelerate passenger movement through our terminals. The reliability of the system needs to be top of the line. Greyhound needs to make decisions for the future and keep up with the times. Customers are looking for self-serving kiosks, Wi-Fi-enabled terminals, mobile friendly ticket purchasing, and an