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1. Generate ideas for enquiry which result from a specific identified problem
An identified problem I have at work is during our ‘protected mealtimes’ patients are being admitted to the ward, collected by porters and ambulatory care, or are being visited by Doctors whilst the patients are supposed to be having a meal. I thought the whole idea behind protected mealtimes was to protect patients from these such things whilst they try to eat and also promoting recovery through nutrition.

2. Define enquiry questions relating these to the specific problem
The question I propose is would patients/medical staff/non-medical staff prefer unprotected mealtimes?

3. Identify investigative techniques to use that meet the aims of the enquiry
For this I could investigate using a questionnaire, survey, witnessing, monitoring or requesting feedback.

4. Create a structured plan for the enquiry
I will implement a questionnaire as I think this will be the quickest and fairest way to come to a conclusion. I will ask 100 people who are medical and non-medical staff working with patients and patients themselves, then i will reveal my findings on a pie chart.

5. Conduct the enquiry following the plan
My questionnaire will include the following questions;
Have you been informed of protected mealtimes within this NHS trust?
Do you follow/approve of the guidelines of protected mealtimes?
Do you think that mealtimes and nutrition are important to patient recovery and rehabilitation?
Are protected mealtimes important to you?
Would you prefer unprotected mealtimes? Yes/No/No Preference

1. Select the information that is useful and relevant from the data
My findings from my questionnaire reveal that over half of the people asked would prefer protected mealtimes and less than a quarter had no preference.
2. Assess the findings referring to the intentions in the enquiry plan
My results clearly show that more people asked would prefer the protected mealtimes. This may mean that the protected mealtimes rule should be followed more strictly to improve the level of care given to patients in their opinion and staff opinion.
3. Explain the factors that influenced decisions in the methodology
I asked 100 people to fill out the questionnaire, I thought this method would be the quickest and easiest. I gave