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There have been problems which have occurred at work which I was able to resolve with the help and assistance of other people. For instance I had a technical difficulty with my school database system. I was unable to save data I had just inputted. I submitted a ticket with our services providers explaining the problem. They emailed me with acknowledgement of the issue. Then they called me within an hour to provide assistance where needed. I have had a separate IT fault on a different occasion where the reception printer was printing duplicated sheets which were wasting paper and time. I called my schools offsite IT support workers and explained the issue I was having. The support worker then emailed me to let me know the issue had been raised and logged. I had a lot of extra paper most of which was distributed within the classes to be used at scrap paper and the rest was recycled in out purple bins which are a recycling bins outside our building. One of the ink cartridges was empty so I had to replace it and recycle the empty cartridge in the correct bin.
Once the printer in working order I was able to complete my tasks I had at hand. I was able to print out the newsletters and hand them out to all the pupils before they went home.
I was asked by the head teacher to improve the newsletters appearance. It was boring and lacked any enthusiasm. I was able to turn this all around by adding colour, pictures and eye catching fonts. The first draft I did had the writing fonts incorrectly aligned. A colleague suggested I set it out differently so it was easier to read, which I did. When showing all the other staff they were impressed. We have used this template ever since. I was able to do this by using a computer package called publisher.
In my work place there a lot of people of different cultures and backgrounds. It is my duty to treat every that walks through the door equally with the respect they desire no matter who they are. Some prospective parents are unable to speak English very well and I may find it hard to understand…