Unit 206 Help Improve Own and Team Practice Essay

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Tracy Royal-Failes
Unit 206: Help and improve own and team practice

I am going to be looking at and discussing how to improve on my own and team practice. Within this, I will be discussing why it is important to continue with my professional development and why team work is important in schools. I will also be describing why it is important to be respectful of the skills and expertise that others can bring to the team. A.c 2.2: Describe the importance of continuing professional development
It is important to continue your professional development throughout your career or chosen profession, as this will help your knowledge to grow and expand. There are many ways in which you can constantly keep improving on this. You
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Each member of a team is equally as important as the other; as they will all bring something uniquely different to the team. When shared, via communicating, with each other, you can learn new skills and techniques, which then helps to develop your ongoing learning. It is always respectful to listen to the opinions of others as well as listening to their knowledgeable ideas. This is not only showing that you respect them as a person, but also their contribution/s to your development, and it also helps to develop a good working relationship with them. For a new member to join the team, she may feel intimidated in offering her input at first. She may have new ideas on how to progress or help with something, but may not offer it in order to avoid any conflict with those who have been there for some time before her. There again, on the other hand, if a new member were to join the team and had said that something should be done differently, without listening to the opinions and advice of others, this may cause unease and problems within the team.

Between myself and the team, there is so much invaluable knowledge and skills to be gained from one another. To gain this extra knowledge will help to improve on the chosen profession. To appreciate and respect the other members will help