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You graduated from AIU only five years ago and you have accomplished a lot professionally, in just five years. You are now the Chief Investigator for the Public Defender’s Service (PDS) office for your county in which you live. You had originally thought that you would be required to have been a police officer prior to being eligible for the investigator’s position with the county public defender’s office.You learned that you were not required to have any law enforcement experience to be an investigator for the PDS from conducting research into the position.So here you are now, the Chief Investigator for the PDS office, and you are also a well-respected expert within the PDS office on police procedures from a defense investigator’s perspective.The County Public Defender respects your expertise on this topic so much that he wants you to write a 2-4 page paper on the following topics:
SUGGESTION: One of the ways of making sure you address each part of a multiple topic question is to make each topic area a header for one of your paragraphs.An example of this process is:“1.Due Process: …” (Write everything about due process here), then for the next paragraph “2. 5th Amendment…”then the next paragraph “3.6th Amendment:…”and then the next paragraph “4.14th Amendment:…)and then the next paragraph “Pretrial Process:… “and so forth and so forth.But if you will put these headings in your paper before you start writing then you should cover each topic area of the question.
Complete the following for this assignment:
Discuss due process