Unit 9 Assignment 1 Essay

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Unit 9 Assignment 1
To whom it may concern: I have come to understand that you do not agree with my view on abortion. I am writing this letter in hopes that I might change your mind. I would like to touch on 3 different parts of this topic. The first will be the questionable argument of a case of rape. The second would be the topic of age when it pertains to the abortion. With this, I include the age of the fetus and the mother. The final topic will be the topic of circumstances. This is the least talked about topic when it comes to abortion. With this final topic, I will also include the possibility of alternative means. In the case of rape, I believe that abortion should be allowed no matter what the age of the mother. The reason for this is because the pregnancy as well as the child that will follow will always be a reminder of a rather traumatic experience in the mother’s life. This can also cause more problems later, an example of this would be the event of after birth depression which could result in the death of the child by the mother’s hands. I also believe that rape is not only the action of forced sex, but also the action of forced pregnancy. This being said, I believe that, in the event of rape, abortion should be allowed if the mother wishes. Some people are unable to carry a child because of the health risks to themselves as well as the child. Is it right to force a woman to a full term with a pregnancy if the birth might kill her? Or even kill the child? This should be taken into consideration as well as the age of the fetus. I believe that there should be a maximum age of the fetus to be aborted. By saying this, I mean that, after the fetus reaches a certain age, or milestone, it should be illegal to terminate. Finally, I will