United States and Native Americans Essay

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Columbian Exchange & Early Colonization * Link of people, animals, plants, & germs between Europe Africa and the Americas. * Livestock(horses),wheat,coffee, sugar, fruits, and vegetables * Africans were enslaved and sent to America * Introduced rice and yams * Traveling back from Europe to America * Corn, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, tobaccos and turkey, and DISEASE * Native Americans lacked proper immune system to resist disease(smallpox) * Population desimated; allowed for an easier path for European colonization I. Environmental Impact * Livestock introduced and ate Native vegetation * Plants replaced by European weeds * Drove away wild animals, depriving Natives from important food source * LONG TERM RESULT: World Wide Exchange of Foods, improved diets, and allowed for huge population growth II. Social Impacts * In areas settled by Spain, you see a development of a Mestizo population(racially mixed offspring of Spanish and Natives) * Not prevalent in British and French colonies * Decent # of Mullato children(enslaved African females and Masters) III. Economic Impact * America:huge source of wealth for Europeans(gold and silver early on, and sugar plantations in the Carribean) IV. Early Spanish Colonization * Conquest & Colonization was motivated by the 3 G’s * God, Glory, and Gold * Catholicism (thought it was their duty, The Crusades, Protestant Reformation) Maintain Catholic Subjects * MesoAmerica:extended to North America in the 1500’s * Hernando Deseto led a conquest from 1539 to 1543 * Head North from Florida, to Appalacian Mountains, then to Southern Plains * 3 results * Doesn’t find gold he was looking for * Upset almost all Native Americans he met * His expedition spread disease to Natives(reduce population->future colonization * Francisco Coronado(1540-1542): Raid North of Mexico up to Grand Canyon then Across to Kansas * Failed to find sources of wealth * Shifted focus away from Gold, to a focus on God and preventing Europoeans from colonizing * Saint Augistine(1st permanent colonization) 1565 * In Florida, set up a sertegate base to limit English and French Settlement and have motive of converting local natives to Catholicism * Had limited success * In 1598, Colony of New Mexico was founded * Specific Social Structure put into place(Encomienda) * Basic; located Natives were forced to provided food and labor to Spanish settlers and forced to convert to Catholicism * Almost failed; Franciscan Monks convinced crown for more funding to continue to convert Native Americans V. Early British * In 1588, defeat of Spanish Armada * Led to truse between England & Spain in 1604; Spain relenquishes its claims to Virginia * Some issues: * Neither crown nor parliament wants to pay for colonies * Funded by 2 Joint Stock Companies: