A Resolution To Promote Education And Develop Infrastructure In Central And South America

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F4. A Resolution to Promote Education and Develop Infrastructure in Central and South America
1. The US has insufficient money to provide the money needed to pay to Escuela Nueva.
Washington Post October 2013
“The third-highest foreign holder of U.S. debt is Brazil, with $256 billion. European countries hold about $1 trillion in combined U.S. debt; $1.14 trillion if you include Russia. The largest holder of U.S. debt is, of course, the United States itself; the majority is American-owned.”
If our nation, the US, already in debt with other nations why would we give $100 million to Escuela Nueva? By promoting education and developing infrastructure in Central and South America, we would only be putting the US in bankruptcy.
2. The Escuela Nueva is ineffective and useless.
University of Chile Professor, Ernesto Schiefelbein
“Literacy and numeracy are two of the skills most likely to affect the educational performance and future productivity of children and adults living in rural and marginal urban areas. Yet many school systems fail to provide such skills to large groups of children. Many of the measures that have been taken to improve the quality of education, especially many of the curriculum reforms, have remained ineffective, as the root of the problem often lies at the classroom level, in teachers’ pedagogical styles. Latin America is a case in point in this respect.”
Audrey-marie Schuh Moore, Ph.D 2010
“From the findings it is not very clear if this trend occurs more