United States Declaration of Independence and America Essay

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Crevecoeur and the Documents of Our Up Coming Country

Living in a perfect society is not realistic, but Crevecoeur believes the Republican ideal is a utopia, perfect society. Crevecoeur letters are written through an English settler’s point of view. The English settler would talk about what he would see coming to America and how it would be way different than Europe. Crevecoeur had different views on America than others had, and didn’t realize the other things that go on in America.

The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson and it states that if the government does not protect the rights of citizens then the people have the right to form a new government. Jefferson used other people’s ideas in order to create the Declaration. He used John Locke’s ideas and other English men. King George had tried to take away rights of the colonists and force taxes upon them. Jefferson proved that the colonists had the right to separate from the king and live by their own rules and government. Jefferson believed that America should be able to do their own thing and that their government should be able to run their own country. The Declaration isn’t just for America, but for the rights of all the people all over. No matter what color they are or where they are from.

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The Bill of Rights was written by James Madison. The Bill of Rights was written to protect the citizens of America. It was made part of the Declaration of Independence in 1791. The Bill of Rights holds 10 amendments; they are all based on power and government. It also explains the rights that the people have as citizens of America. For example the second amendment says that you, as a person, are allowed to bear arms, and in the third amendment, a soldier is not allowed to be put into your home without permission from you. A man can not just be quartered into your home without your approval.

Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine. In his document, he argues for American independence. Paine said that the British system is too complex and that the monarchy has too much power. He also said that the British system says they offer a fair system of checks and balances, but in reality it does not. Paine argues that America has evolved and no longer needs British’s help. Paine also adds that the British had been attacking the Americans and not helping them, so therefore, British is unworthy of American loyalty. If America stay attached to Britain than the same problems that happened in the past with them will happen again in the future and cause further problems between the two countries.

The City on a Hill was written by John Winthrop. John’s purpose was to inspire the people of Massachusetts. Winthrop opened up talking about a city upon a hill. He said that the “city was so large and the hill so small that they all fell off.” (Winthrop). Winthrop used the metaphor not
Maniaci 3 only to remind the colony that they served as an example to non-believers, but that they risked failure if they became too full of themselves (Winthrop).

The speech Give Me Liberty was spoken by Patrick Henry. He sought the freedom of the state that he governed. The speech that was delivered was not found on