Pros Of The United States In Support Of Afghanistan

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Chad Weber
Ms. Lewis-Denney
English 2H, Period 7
31 May 2012
United States in Support of Afghanistan When a father comes home from war with one leg, one arm, and can not hear out of his left ear, his little boy still crawls into his lap and says, “I love you daddy”. The little boy asks, “What happen daddy?” He gently replies, “I had to fight the bad guys and the bad guys hurt me”. The last thing the little boy said before he went to bed was, “Do not worry daddy, your safe now, nobody will hurt you”. When people think of war they think of fighting and violence, but nobody thinks of all the lives that have been lost in wars. Thousands of Americans are killed during a war. The most recent war that started in 2001 will finally end in 2014. After 2014, there will not be any more American soldiers lives lost, no more fighting, and last but not least, there will be no more grief for the family members that have already lost a loved one in battle. Americans will never forget many families that have lost sons and daughters in the war. It means they served and protected our country to make sure the United States stayed safe and that makes them heroes. The question now is how will the United States help Afghanistan after the war is over in 2014.
Although Afghanistan would be better severed if the U.S. maintained a permanent presence, the truth is that the astronomical cost of doing so is virtually impossible for the U.S. to commit to consequently, a more cost-effective solution must be found and reasons why troops should periodically go back to Afghanistan and help out. As of right now, American troops are over in Afghanistan fighting in the war until 2014. President Obama and President Karza of Afghanistan signed an agreement to designate Afghanistan a major non North Atlantic Treaty Organization Ally. The agreement says the U.S. will provide, aid, and support after NATO combat troops leave in 2014. The role of NATO is to protect the national sovereignty of its affiliated countries. It is a tremendous step, after fighting in the war for ten years, but after 2014, where is the United States going to get the money to support Afghanistan? There is a more cost-effective solution, which will help and support Afghanistan that can and will be found.
With the economy the way it is in the United States of now, it is going to be extremely difficult find a cost effective solution to keep troops over in Afghanistan, with permission from Afghan leaders after 2014. The majority of the troops left may come home by 2014; however thousands of troops with still have to serve as advisors and trainers to the Afghan National Security Forces. One cost effective solution is to send troops over every few months and send all the troops at once who are going over to Afghanistan. Instead of sending troops over there and back once every week and having troops come and go at different times. It will save money on fuel and won’t have to waste money that could be going to a better cause. As for all the troops leaving in 2014, “It is meant to reassure the Afghan people that the United States will not abandon them” (Rubin). America is a great nation because as troops are fighting Afghanistan, they still care about helping the people of Afghanistan. That is one coast effective solution and why America should go back periodically to help Afghanistan out. A more cost effective solution on why troops should periodically go back to Afghanistan is to continue to assist the Afghan forces and also to take the lead in combat operations. Afghan forces are expected to take over the security lead across the country in 2014 and American troops are supposed have nothing to do with the security after 2014. This means it is a step to ending combat, but what if something goes wrong with the security lead across the country? American troops need to keep an eye on the Afghan forces still, because if something happens to go wrong after 2014, it can lead to another dispute…