Urban Legends Essay

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The sole purpose of this assignment is to define the meaning of myth. Therefore, it is understood that myths are nonfactual stories or statement created to tell an event, which could contain specific people, places, or things. In the world we live in today, a number of individuals believe that there is some form of truth between specific myths but also understand that a number of myths will change over time. A prime example of a myth in my personal opinion focuses on the story regarding Cupid and his ability to cast a love spell. It is understood that Cupid was individual that fully understood the power of attraction and love, which aid in his ability to match-make, which a number of individuals believed that Cupid match –making skills was some form a witch-craft. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Cupid was considered the god of desire who was at times describes as the son of Venus”, (Wikipedia, 2013). But unfortunately, Cupid was seen at times as an evil spirit that represented fornication who casted spells of lust onto individuals in need of love. Overtime, the representation of Cupid started to change because of the cultural belief behind the true meaning of the word love. It is understood that a number of individuals started to realize that love was an emotion and an expression within and not a force of projection.
Urban and contemporary myths are represented as a formula for the creation of modern mythology, which is believed to be a form of storytelling. It is understood that a number of cultures within the past have implemented myths that have clearly became a part of their individual beliefs, values, traditions, practices, and standards. These individual myths clearly reveal and disclose significant characteristic of an individual’s beliefs and cultures of his or her individual family members. Cultural myths play an importance role for a number of cultures today. It is understood that myths are traditional tales passed on from culture to culture, which solely belongs to that specific group of individuals. Myths provides the foundation for a number of spiritual beliefs, therefore, the mythical beliefs surround my spiritual are extremely important.
A number of ancient and classical myths are quite similar in some aspect; both