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Urban Legends and Internet Hoaxes

1. What are urban legends and internet hoaxes? (Hint: Anything underlined is a hyperlink to an informational site that will help answer questions.)
Urban legends are popular stories alleged to be true and passed from individual to individual via oral or written communication.

2. What are some of the current hoaxes? (Pick 3) Hint: look for the word "Current" in the navigation on the Urban Legends and Folklore site, and "What's New" on the Snopes site.
The 28th Amendment
Obama suffers from “emotional Breakdown”
National Kill a Pitt Bull day

3. Describe four signs or signals that tell you what you are reading may be a hoax.
1) Consider the form of the information passed along to you. Is it a narrative — a story with a beginning, middle and end? Does it feature a surprising twist and/or end with a 'punch line' reminiscent of a joke? If so, it may be an urban legend.
2) Urban legends usually toe a fine line between outlandishness and plausibility
3) Consider whether there's evidence to suggest the story you've heard is false, and/or there are commonsense reasons to disbelieve it.
4) Check books and Websites about urban legends to see if the story is listed there

4. What criteria would you use to assess whether what you are reading is real or a hoax? List five criteria.
1) Note whether the text you've received was actually written by the person who sent it
2) Look for the telltale phrase, 'Forward this to everyone you know!' The more urgent the plea, the more suspect the message.
3) Look for statements like 'This is NOT a hoax' or 'This is NOT an urban legend.' They typically mean the opposite of what they say.
4) Watch for overly emphatic language, as well as frequent use of UPPERCASE LETTERS and multiple exclamation points!!!!!!!
5) Check for references to outside