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Intro. As the Cold War seemed to draw to an end between the United States and the USSR, new conflicts and challenges arised. For America, Ronald Regan inherited office in 1981 facing the Soviet Union expansionism of communism. By the end of the period, the Berlin Wall had fallen, the Soviet satellite states of Eastern Europe were free, and the Soviet Union itself disbanded. Though the United States would struggle to face new enemies and threats. As the Cold War went onto a close there were significant things the symbolized the end of the Cold War. Such as the Berlin Wall, which over 30 years had been a symbol of the Cold War dividing Europe and then thirteen months later with the dissolve of the Soviet Union after Gorbachev resigned. The end of the Cold War was a new beginning and for the United States the end of the Cold War meant that the U.S. was no longer on the edge of world war. Conclusion The cold war ended in 1989 when Gorbachev outed the message that he would not use armed forces to keep eastern european countries within the communist influence.
He was forced to take this step because the economical situation of the Soviet Union was terrible. The Star Wars project of the Reagan administration would force the USSR to spend billions and billions to their defense system and they simply could not afford to spend that much. . Gorbachev knew that if he would not use the money that was left for his own country, the USSR would fall apart which would cause a