Us History Review Essay

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Midterm Exam Format:

Part I: 40 Multiple Choice
Part II: Identification and Historical Significance: Chose 2 of 5
Part III: Informational PDQ: Choose 1 out of 2
Part IV: Argumentative PDQ: Choose 1 out of 2

Possible topics for written paragraphs:
~Colonial Settlement and Expansion (Jamestown, Mass Bay)
~American Revolution
~Bill of Rights/Constitution
~Birth of the Early Republic
~Expansion into the west (conflicts, movements, etc.)
~Industrial Revolution and Reform Movements
~ Slavery
~Expansion of slavery
~Civil War

As you are studying for the exam, be comfortable with all of the content terminology (Key Topics of Interest) and be able to apply your understanding of them to the Overarching Concepts and to the Essential Questions.

Three Worlds Meet (Beginnings to 1620)

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. What international conditions led to a collision of cultures and how did this collision change the world?

OVER ARCHING CONCEPTS * Exploration * Impact of Exploration

Key Topics of Interest * Motivations for Exploration * Columbus * Spanish, English, French efforts to colonize the Americas

Colonization and Settlement (1585-1763)


1. Why did the Europeans come to the Americas, and how did they gain control? 2. How did political, religious and social institutions emerge in the British colonies in America?

OVER ARCHING CONCEPTS * Colonization * Puritanism * Mercantilism * Early government

Key Topics of Interest * Colonial Wars (King Phillip’s) * French and Indian War and its implications * Roots of representative government * Roots of political, religious and social institutions * Puritanism and the role of religion in the early colonies (Great Awakening) * Jamestown colony (House of Burgesses, African indentured servitude, integration of women into society) * Mercantile system (Navigation Acts) * Development of a slave culture * Salutary Neglect

Revolution and New Nation (1754-1820s)


1. What events, ideas, and interests contributed to the commencement of the American Revolution? 2. What impact did the American Revolution have on the American political structure, economy, and society? 3. How did the political climate of the era of the New Republic create the foundation of the American political sysytem?

OVER ARCHING CONCEPTS * Salutary Neglect * Revolution * Birth of American political thought * Early Republicanism

Key topics of interest * Political, ideological and economic origins of the American Revolution * Arguments over independence * Declaration of Independence and its principles and implications * Role of propaganda in the Revolution * Reasons for American victory * Treaty of Paris and its impact * Accomplishments and failures of the Articles of Confederation * The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 and the battle for ratification (Federalists vs anti-Federalists) * Principles of the Constitution (checks and balances, separation of powers, etc.) * Bill of Rights and its continuing significance * George Washington and precedence * Development of the American Two-Party System (major issues prompting division) * Growth of the Supreme Court under John Marshall * John Adams (XYZ, Alien and Sedition Acts, etc.)

Expansion and Reform (1801-1861)


1. How did U.S. territorial expansion affect relations with outside powers and Native Americans? 2. What contributed to