Vegetarianism: Meat and Health Issues Essay

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The Fast Food chain in America is rising every single day. Between Big Macs, Whoppers, Old Fashion Hamburgers and the Baconator lies a slab of meat in which was processed from an animal that may have been poisoned by toxic chemicals. Meat today cannot always be trusted. We do anything and everything we can to make it taste good and sometimes look good. But not many people are educated on the side of a vegetarian, whether it’s considerable or not. When eating meat, Americans these days are thinking about how good it tastes, or how juicy it is. What they aren’t realizing is how it’s damaging their digestive system or how it affects their heart. Americans are very unaware of what goes on in their body when eating meat and it can cause serious medical issues. They aren’t notified that meat eating can cause coronary artery disease, obesity, diabetes, and many types of cancerous cells. “Completely eliminating these products from ones diet reduces the risk of heart attack by 90%...heart attacks kill a person in the US every 45 seconds” (Marcus, 2). Coming from experience, losing someone from a heart attack isn’t easy, especially knowing that it could’ve been stopped by that person’s diet. We are all unaware of the toxic chemicals that these animals are exposed to before entering the slaughterhouse. If we eat the meat in which was exposed to toxic chemicals, we wouldn’t know until we die a few days later. Eating meat isn’t created from health issues, but health issues are created from eating meat. Becoming a vegetarian is a smart and healthy thing to do if you do it the right way. Before eliminating all animal-like products out of your life completely, you must have a planned diet ahead of you. You have to make up for all the protein being missed when not eating meat. With doing so, it’s possible to start losing weight and becoming healthier on the inside and out. Many people thing that meat is their only source of protein and calcium, but their wrong. Calcium is easy to find in a vegetarian diet. Many dark green leafy vegetables and beans are loaded with both calcium and protein. “Meat is considered being America’s food” (TIME, 1). Considering this, there is so much meat that is being produced every day and that’s why it can be really hard to give up. With it being advertised on television or even while driving, it isn’t something to easily just forget about. Some find it easier to slowly word towards the final goal. Vegetarianism has to be considerations for all, not just because it will decrease health issues but there will be an improvement on environmental benefits. To move along, right now we’re in the month of April and it’s still 30 degrees outside. In the next few days, it’s supposed to be warm but then back down to the thirties. This, my fellow reader, is a result of global warming. Global warming is resulting from all the toxic gases that pollute our earth. These gases come from manufacturers and slaughterhouses. “Many of the world’s massive environmental problems could be solved by the reduction or eliminations of meat-eating including: global warming, loss of topsoil, loss of rainforests, and species extinction” (The Meat-Free Life, 5). The result of vegetarianism can change the way Americans live. We have to realize that it’s all positives in the process. We’re supposed to convince people by notifying them more about the vegetarian process. It should be educated in schools to give children the option of becoming a vegetarian. With having a parent who have always eaten meat and that’s always what they have fed their children, the children don’t