Verizon Essay

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VERIZON COMMUNICATION INC. Telecommunication industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with advancement in internet technology, advancement in trade and commerce, social dynamics and an ever-expanding global market. Telecommunication has become one of the most essential mediums that facilitate communication, interaction and transaction in both social and economic platforms. To this end, many companies have invested billions of dollars world wide in an attempt to rip some of the benefits the young but lucrative industry has to offer. Verizon Communication Inc. is one such industry that has grown to become an international player. Verizon is one of the largest telecommunication company in the U.S. with a vast network …show more content…
Under the leadership of Ivan Seidenberg, the company adopted a strategy that emphasized upon differentiating their enterprise to survive aggressive competition in the market. We can infer from the case study (Mockler 2006) that Seidenberg concentrated on customer satisfaction, excellent marketing strategy and production efficiency via innovation and creativity. Under Ivan Seidenberg’s leadership the company’s customer service and product invention have been recognized and awards given to this effect. This proves that Verizon Communication has pioneering leaders, strong leadership helps chart the course and hence gives direction to the organization. Fourthly, Verizon Communication has a strong marketing presence and brand name, with distribution chains selling its products and offering essential services to consumer across the state, the company’s outreach is far much superior to its competitors. Verizon has become a household name and more so its wireless wing which is preferred by young customers whose market is vibrant, growing and potentially profitable. This gives the company a competitive edge over its competitors and further positions the company for expansion and retention of consumers. It is worth noting that Verizon has decided to capitalize on this market and this can be a good strategy to the extent that the company is maximizing on its strong side to rip maximum benefits and secure their place in the market. Fifthly, being