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Victoria's Secret has 1,040 stores globally with more than 6 million square feet of retail space. Net sales are more than $5 billion and average sales per selling square foot are $581. However, when the word globally is used, it actually means the United States. International sales are mostly mail order or at a handful of airport stores. Victoria's Secret could position their international presence better and is something they should work on.
Victoria's Secret still might be a secret to a lot of people in the Middle East as well. Sexy lingerie and conservative societies do not always mix. This means that expansion into the region will be slow and is most likely going to be led by beauty and branded accessories. That is what the brand current does in their Mirdiff City Centre Mall in Dubai.
Victoria's Secret's Corporate site says: "Visit one of the most powerful, sexy and glamorous stores in the world, Victoria's Secret, where you'll find a dazzling assortment of intimate apparel, beauty products, sleepwear, hosiery and more." Sexy and glamorous are the keywords, with the brand one of the dominant players in the mid to up-market lingerie stakes. Victoria's Secret has never made any secret of its highly sexualized merchandise, which has allowed it to establish a strong brand positioning.

Target Market/Market and Customer Segmentation
Victoria's Secret's Target Market is the middle class woman or man shopping for a middle class woman aged 21-49. The customer wants to feel sexy and look sexy, which is why she comes to shop at Victoria's Secret. Whether she is trying to buy lingerie to wear on a casual day or on a night to impress someone, Victoria's Secret caters to her needs and wants. She is not afraid to look sexy or wear skimpy lingerie.

Victoria's Secret's PINK line attracts people outside of the Victoria's Secret market. These are the younger age women, such as the college student aged 16-29. The bright colors, trendier prints and smaller attire appeals to be more casual and laid back than the traditional Victoria's Secret line. This line inspires the younger generation to come into the store and shop. Victoria's Secret recognized that there is a fad with females who are growing up faster and faster. The Pink line position's itself as an acceptable method of offering female young adults the opportunity to purchase items where not many other apparel brands will.

Victoria's Secret is a value-based company. Their mission is to make their customers feel sexy, sophisticated and forever young. They acknowledge their responsibility to deliver on that promise by providing high-quality, safe and effective products in all of their brands. While their parent company, Limited Brands, offers a broad array of products from perfumes to collegiate dorm wear, they apply the same, disciplined approach to all of their products when it comes to quality and protecting their customers. As a retailer, they have contracts with manufacturers throughout the world to make their merchandise. Vendors are selected based on their ability and commitment to meet their safety and quality standards, as well as follow their strict ethical, labor and environmental standards. Once contracted, their internal experts work with vendors to certify compliance with their strict quality standards and sourcing policies in an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, due to certain trademark, labeling, product content and embargo restrictions, Victoria’s Secret currently does not ship all products to all countries. If you have a restricted item in your bag, you will receive a message during checkout that lists the restricted item along with specific instructions to remove the item from your shopping bag or change the shipping method or address if applicable. Shipping and handling charges are determined by the merchandise dollar amount of your order before any deductions; not subject to special offers. Charges are calculated before taxes. All